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The company Maranda Tekstil Ltd. was founded in 1998. At that time, it was a small family business, which activity was the lingerie manufacturing.

During all these years, the company was growing actively, and now it is an enterprise, which owns some industrial buildings and an office.

Today, we are accomplishing the complete cycle production of bras, panties, sets, nightdresses, tights, bodies and undershirts.


Our Philosophy

The main aim of our activity is satisfying our customers. Our company's motto is: The high quality is the first. So, we do all in our power to improve the undergarments' quality and update the production cycle. Therefore, our workshops are equipped with up-to-date machinery and facilities; we do research concerning fashion tendencies, customers' demands, chemistry, fabric composition, female anatomy, dermatology, gerontology and age changes, new technologies of production. We are following the spirit of the times, and are trying to provide our customers with modern and high-quality products.

Our factory does the complete cycle of underwear manufacturing. Of course, the creating of each fresh lingerie model is beginning by idea. So, we have the design department, which professionals develop new models and underwear constructions. The making lingerie template is not an easy work. Therefore, our designers while creating the new template should consider every detail, such as size, form, customer's age, workload of each lingerie component. That is why, undergarments produced by our company fit well for women figures.
However, the design is not all. We pay an intent attention to fabrics and threads used for underwear manufacturing. Our company collaborates with reliable materials providers, which furnish us only with high-quality textile.

Customer care

Clothing production

The sewing process is a very important too. The finish product is looking nice only in that case, if it is sewed well. Therefore, each seam should be worked qualitatively.
Furthermore, of course, the packaging should have the catching design. Seeing it in the shop, the customer should be stimulated to try on and purchase this lingerie.

We pay our attention to staff, who works for the company. Only professionals are welcomed to collaborate with our factory. That is why, every stage of lingerie manufacturing is performed on the high level professionalism.

Our policy toward customers is honesty, openness and sincerity. Knowing entire process of undergarments manufacturing, we can guarantee that all our products are high-quality fulfilled. The use assurance for every article is some years.

Our shipment department works every day, excepting holidays and days off. We implement the delivery to many countries of the world.
If you have some questions, you can contact us, and the qualified support will help you to solve any problem.

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