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The company Maranda Tekstil Ltd. is proud to present our new collection – Maranda Lingerie 2014- 2015. It is a result of our designers' intense work. They tried to implement in this collection the latest fashion tendencies and science achievements. So, these undergarments have outstanding, seductive look, and at the same time, they are very comfortable, healthy and fit well the female figure.

Looking through the catalog, you will find as ladies' underwear for each day, as exclusive, luxury lingerie, which able to make crazy every man. The everyday undergarments are very useful and comfortable. Our designers thought over each detail, such as structure, fabrics, color, style. The luxurious underwear for women possesses a lot of refined and compound details. This lingerie is created to give pleasure for women and seduce their men.

Working out this Maranda Lingerie collection 2014 -2015, our designers considered the age peculiarities too. Each female age group has its own specificity, which has an influence on the undergarment details as style and template. So, the numerous Maranda's collection can satisfy all the demands, which girls and women can make of the lingerie. The attention of young girls would be attracted with comfortable, light cotton or silk underwear sets, nightdresses, pajamas, panties, which will fit well for their skin and figures. The mature women would be interested in sexy and seductive panties, thongs, tangas, bikinis, briefs, hipsters, bloomers, babydolls, peignoirs, camisoles, which are made of guipure, silk, satin and cotton.

Some women like the lingerie made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, flax, calico; others – quite the contrary, wear only synthetic underwear. Of course, the cotton women undergarments are very healthy for skin. However, the synthetic lingerie is tight-fitting for the girls' figure and impart to them a fantastic look.

Moreover, some Maranda undergarments are suitable as an outer clothing for the summer or spring seasons. We are talking about some models of undershirts and bodies. The women can wear them as tank tops or T-shirts with jeans or skirts. Furthermore, some sleepwear sets are suitable as home clothes. So, offering for women the Maranda collection you can find not only the lingerie buyers, but the customers, who want to purchase the outer clothes.

The new Maranda lingerie collection can satisfy female demands of each age group or social status. This quality gives our collection the characteristics, such as universality and practicality.